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Eco Space Town /Greendwell

Thai Architect

The clubhouse is located within Eco Space Townhome, Bangna-Wongwaen. It comprises of large townhome community. The design team focuses at integrating green design since project’s concept inception through construction. With computer simulation tools, we are able to analyze site-specific properties and therefore place the functional usage to correspond to the advantage of the site. Resulting design is able to harness free natural energy such as prevailing wind with sufficient shade for daily and year-round comfortable use of the occupants.Landscape design is integrated with architectural design to support and complement green design which is humble to its surrounding yet maximizing usage of occupants with ‘indoor’ room and also ‘outdoor’ room suitable for tropical climate. Tree forms and location are selected to correspond not only to its aesthetic but also shading requirements for different time-of-use.


GD’s scope of services:

– Clubhouse architectural and interior design

– Gateway design

– Sales Office design


Landscape Architect – MAGLA

Project Id: 18310
พื้นที่โครงการ: 400 m2
Project Owner: SL Estate
Architect: GreenDwell
Project Year: 2014

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