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PALM SQUARE PHUKET /Workspace Architecture Studio

Thai Architect

PALM SQUARE is truly an iconic design with its Sino-Portuguese style reflecting the prosperous trading hub for tin in Phuket in the 1800s. The intermingled Chinese and Portuguese cultures have made unique historic colonial structures in Phuket called Sino-Portuguese style, many of which can still be seen in older quarters of the town.

PALM SQUARE pays respect to our roots and has revived the Sino-Portuguese style which also strongly symbolizes the rich history of Phuket.

We aim to entertain all people around the world with our daily Live Music and wide range of cuisine. We welcome all your needs, such as a great morning coffee, late lunch, relaxing afternoon break, dinner with a glass of wine or cocktails, and more!

If you are looking for that great holiday start, we at PALM SQUARE welcomes you with a very warm and friendly service professionals  in an amazing atmosphere and great value food and beverage options.

Let’s all have fun!

Project Id: 18280
Architect: Workspace Architecture studio

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